Welcome to Wooster Hollow Cafe. We appreciate your business. You are always welcome and we will try hard to make you feel at home with us. Our goal is to make Wooster Hollow the best breakfast & lunch spot in Fairfield County, always using fantastic recipes and fresh ingredients from local sources wherever possible.  We would like to share our Mission and Values


Serve delicious, fresh & affordable food in a fast & friendly way


We are Always:

- Honest

- Friendly & Appreciative

- Respectful & Trusting

- Clean & Safe

- Hard Working

Antonio SedeĊ„o-Huerta - Head Manager & Head Chef 
Wilson Vivar Bohorquez - Chef, Server & Reception Manager
Eduardo Castaneda - Chef & Reception Manager
Jessica Lazo - Server & Reception Manager
Mary Lodigiani - Server & Reception Manger
Maggie Gould - Server & Reception Manager
Fernando Luiz - Server & Reception Manager
Eric Faria - Reception Manager
Emily Johnson - Reception Manager
Manny Duarte - Cleaning Manager & Server Assistant
Deb Muhlfeld - Cleaning Manager
Mayra Saraguro - Accountant
Ron Herman - Owner